Dear Pastors and all Clergy persons,


The Social Justice Commission has been established by Moderator Rev. Dr. Anthony Lowe to keep the United Missionary Baptist Association apprised of all things within the confines of our Association and New York City at large that we need to take positive action on and advocate for the residents and people that we minister to.


The Commission is comprised of Pastors and Associate Ministers that have a strong desire to seek justice for our people in the areas of housing, education, the judicial system, voters rights and the like. With that said, the Commission is established to inform the Association’s Pastors and churches of the posture that we must have so that we can be a voice to the elected officials and invoke change in the above areas and make sure that elected officials do not take Black people for granted in the decisions that they make.


Luke 4:13-20 is Jesus’ platform as He came to deal with the social ills of his day. This gives us our prophetic voice as we engage to the powers that be for the people at large seeking mishpat, sadiqah and hesed. Mishpat = justice, Biblical justice is the establishment or restoration of fair, equitable and harmonious relationships in the society. Sadiqah = righteousness. Hesed = steadfast love (unfailing, unending love).


The Social Justice Commission cannot make these things happen by itself. Therefore, the attached letter is asking for your support so we can be a voice of one that can speak for thousands of people in Manhattan, the Bronx and West Chester County. It is easy to complain but it takes more energy to do something about what we complain about.


We have seen that it does not always matter whether the people in power are Democrats or Republicans, some of them (or most of them) seem to serve their own interests which leave us on the short end. I am asking that you read the following letter and sign it as a show of your support of the UMBA Social Justice Commission as we advocate of you, your church family, the Body of Christ and the people at large.


Thank you in advance for your attention and cooperation to this urgent matter.


Forever in His Service,


Pastor Keith W. Roberson I, M.Div.

Commissioner of Social Justice Commissioner for UMBA

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